CNC Bearbeitung Prozess

CNC processing

The requirements for components vary greatly depending on the respective fields of application and specific tasks. In most cases, a high degree of tolerance accuracy, attention to detail and surface quality is required, but often only in certain (functional) areas of the component. For these cases, we offer a wide range of post machining processes, also for special requirements, and can process the components precisely. You get the perfect symbiosis of achievable precision and maximum economy.

Heat treatment

Subsequent heat treatment can be used to adjust the technological properties of materials.

The component to be treated passes through various controlled temperatures at different times (temperature-time profile) and is then cooled at different rates in certain media, depending on the material and process. For this purpose, different processes are used – from furnace cooling to abrupt quenching – to obtain certain technological properties (strength, hardness, toughness, microstructure, etc.). Our range of possible heat treatments extends from stress relieving, soft normalizing, (case) hardening, tempering, carburizing, nitriding to combined processes such as carbonitriding or quenching and tempering.


Surface finishing

We have many technical processes at our disposal to refine the component surfaces, which can improve the surface properties. Both the functional properties of the component can be improved (e.g., higher wear and tear protection, corrosion protection, prevention of contamination) and the decorative properties (e.g., through colour changes, gloss levels or similar). Our portfolio ranges from treatments such as pickling, blasting or impregnation, galvanizing, nickel plating, powder coating, CDP coating, laser marking to hard material coatings (physical vapor deposition, etc.).


Numerous manufacturers use ready-to-install assemblies and products. Outsourcing has a multitude of advantages for companies. Economic assembly production relieves the customer‘s resources. The products are manufactured individually for the customer according to specific specifications. Partial quantities are also possible.

This service is also part of our portfolio and is already being used by many our customers, for example in the automotive industry. The more sophisticated and practiced the processes in manufacturing and assembly are, the faster and correspondingly cheaper you can receive your assemblies.