Supplier management with just-in-time delivery

On behalf of our customers, we provide the decision making basis for defining appropriate sourcing strategies targeted at minimizing supply risks and dependencies while optimizing procurement quality. In addition, we design, steer and develop the continuing supplier/buyer relations over the entire project life.

By transferring the supplier management to Oesterle GmbH, our customers benefit from convenient just-in-time delivery. We keep the product on stock in our own warehouse and ship precisely the required part quantities on time. This helps to minimize our customers' local warehousing. Just-in-time delivery is particularly suitable for continuous series or high part quantities. In collaboration with reputed and long-proven carriers, we ensure prompt and reliable product delivery.

This logistic concept offers our customers the following benefits:

  • reduction of inventory
  • cost savings (e.g. in warehousing, personnel, administration)
  • lower inventory costs, for enhanced liquidity
  • quality management (improvement of production processes)
  • faster lead times
  • risk mitigation (the risks of transportation, stocking and delivery delays rest with the supplier)

Our team will be pleased to assist you in developing a supply concept tailored to your individual needs.