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Injection molding for hard

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is based on the principle of injection molding, which is the undisputed number one in the series production of plastic components. MIM combines the advantages of injection molding with the material properties of metals.


  • Development, production, just in time delivery
  • Complex geometries can be realized
  • Low tolerances
  • Economical for high quantities

By mixing metal powder with a plastic binder, the advantages of the injection process can also be used for metal components. The binder wets the metal powder particles and enables shaping. The binder is subsequently removed and the metal powder is sintered in a vacuum furnace below the melting temperature, thereby shrinking to its final size and achieving its high strength and resilience, which are largely comparable to the solid metal material.

Due to the use of different metal powders, there are nearly no restrictions in the choice of alloy. Assemblies can often be combined into one part.

MIM is the right choice for complex, efficient, fast, environmentally friendly and accurate parts with high surface quality.

Manufacturing process

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