Complexity in one cast

The precision casting (investment casting) production technique is the optimal choice for complex components of almost all sizes. The advantage of the process is, among other things, that parts from smaller batch sizes can usually be cast ready for installation with manageable tool costs and often require little or no mechanical post-processing.


  • Development, production, just in time delivery
  • Complex geometries
  • No / little post-processing
  • High surface finish
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Wide range of materials

Castings produced by investment casting, especially by lost wax process, are characterized by their level of detail, dimensional accuracy and surface quality and can therefore also meet the highest customised requirements from a wide variety of industries.

Parts with a typical weight of approx. 30 g up to 200 kg can be produced by investment casting, and a wide variety of materials from steel to aluminium or titanium can be processed.

Manufacturing process


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