Engineering progress in agriculture

Agriculture is one of the oldest trades in history. Still, it is governed by a continuing drive for engineering progress. Only by mechanizing the machines used in agriculture can the needs of the global market be met.

Over a long corporate history, a customer in the agricultural equipment industry has become a leading supplier in the world market of grain harvester components. With a strong focus on the needs of the market, the supplier holds a top position in this global industry.

For example, they optimized the design of the twine knotters required for binding the straw to bales. In operation, these parts are subjected to considerable loads. The retention force of the twine is governed by the twine knotter and the catch, as they are clamping the twine. In order to prevent improper binding, the force must also be provided reliably during high-duty and long operating times in the main season. For years, Oesterle GmbH has been supplying these two heavy-duty parts, helping the customer to maintain their market position.


  • Manufacturing technology: Investment casting
  • Material: 42CrMo4
  • Weight: ~ 110 g
  • Surface: Galvanized

Investment casting

The manufacturing technology of investment casting is an ideal choice for complex parts and can minimize the need for complicated machining. The advantage of this process is that it delivers castings normally ready for assembly and requiring very little finishing.

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Mechanical Engineering

Our expertise has helped to strengthen the market position of Germany's successful mechanical engineering industry.

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